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Spirit of Christmas

Through powerful music and drama, over 100 volunteers share the Christmas story and the importance of experiencing the message of Christmas through the love of Christ in Spirit of Christmas. We invite you to participate in person and encourage you to use the hashtag #SOC2016 to share your Worship Experience!

Spirit of Christmas 2017 Special Guest

Our special guest in 2016 was Marquis Laughlin. Marquis will be with us again this December. 
He is the founder of Acts of The Word, a non-profit, non-denominational ministry devoted to transforming people's lives through the words of the Bible. He is a performance artist, theologian, and missionary to the church here in America. His live performances include 7 compelling dramatic solo Scripture presentations highlighting the epic story of God's relationship with man; Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, John's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & Revelation. He maintains an active touring schedule at theaters, conferences, and houses of worship. His one-man shows have been presented all over the world. Marquis and his wife have three  children and live in the Pittsburg, PA area.

Come and worship with us
this December
as we celebrate God’s gift
to all mankind, Jesus Christ!

Spirit of Christmas 2017: Dec 2 & 3
Rehearsal Schedule