Spirit of Christmas 2016

Spirit of Christmas 2016 Rehearsals:
        Drama Rehearsal
                 Sunday, November 27, 4pm
        Dress Rehearsal (adults, kids, drama, media, orchestra) -
                 Wednesday, November 30 - 5:30-8:15pm. Kids will be done at 7pm
                 (no missions for grades 1-6 that night).
        Dress Rehearsal - Friday, December 2, 6-8pm (kids will be done at 7pm)

Spirit of Christmas 2016 Services:
        Saturday, December 3, 5pm (adults arrive at 3:30pm; children and orchestra arrive at 4pm)
        Sunday, December 4, 5pm (everyone needed at 4pm)

Spirit of Christmas 2016 Attire:
        Children's Choir: black pants and dark shoes. Arrive wearing light colored undershirt
        Adult Choir: Choir outfit with black pants/shoes
        Orchestra: Dress Black